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The aim of using desiccant is to minimize the risk of damage caused by condensing water vapour.



By adsorbing water molecules, desiccant will reduce the Relative Humidity inside a package to level at which condensation will not occur.


Moisture Sources


   The air contained in the package, such as carton box, Sea fright container etc.


   Packaging materials.


   The air that diffuses through the outer packaging during transportation.


Couses of Damage

In normal situation, condensation of water vapour from air will not occur even when the relative humidity approaches 100%, providing the air temperature remains constant. Thus the risk of condensation mainly caused by large drops in air temperature of minor drops in high humidity environment.


Safety Zone

5 dreegree celcious drops in high humidity environment will cause water vapour to condense. As a general rule, it is enough to maintain the relative humidity of the enclosed air below 30% to avoid all risk of condensation.